Police in China Using Face Recognition Glasses to Arrest People

China Face Recognition

Zhengzhou Police in the Henan Province, in China, is now equipped with facial recognition glasses to facilitate checks in the large stream of the city’s railway station. Dozens of people have already been arrested.

During the Lunar New Year period, police in Zhengzhou City of China were able to use an instant facial recognition system for the first time through special glasses. Used in the city station to screen the large flow of travelers, they have proved very effective for a test run.

Indeed, as reported by the authorities relayed by Quartz, this system has allowed the arrest of seven people related to important criminal cases such as trafficking of human beings and hit and run. The system also helped in the arrest 26 other people who were traveling under a false identity.

“In China, you have to use your identity card for train travel. This rule makes it possible to prevent people who have too much debt from taking high-speed trains, and to limit the movement of religious minorities whose identity documents have been confiscated and who can sometimes wait years to obtain a passport,” Explains the Business Insider.

The database to which this system is attached is offline, and is directly contained in a box that police officers carry with them. It contains the data of some 10,000 people who were arrested for various illegal motives, such as those we have been quoted earlier in the article.

The new capabilities are not without some worry. Amnesty International researcher William Nee argues that “The possibility of giving police officers facial recognition technology with sunglasses could make state surveillance in China even more omnipresent “. But China seems determined to adopt this system on a larger scale, since it is currently working on the construction of a facial recognition database that will contain information on all its citizens, ie 1.3 billion people. .

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