Harley-Davidson to Release Electric Bikes

harley-davidson electric bikes

Despite its history and greatness, Harley-Davidson had a complicated 2017 year. For this new year, the American brand wants to produce an electric motorcycle, even out of nails.

Harley-Davison had to make a point: big engine  motorcycles did not sell well last year, as the brand suffered a 6.7% drop in global sales and a 10% drop in the value of its stock on the Wall Street Stock Exchange. Also, two plants will soon be closing, one in Australia and another in the United States.

While the atmosphere at Harley-Davison is not really good, the brand is looking for alternatives to revive its business and has chosen to go electric. Indeed, Harley-Davidson is planning to release an electric motorbike, despite the lack of interest from its most fervent fans in electric bikes. But the company is trying to attract a broader and younger public that more conscious about the environment. Anyway, the brand has time to think about marketing because the marketing of this famous bike is not planned before the course of the year 2019.

However, Harley-Davison had already tried an approach to electric motorcycles by presenting in 2014 in Europe a prototype named LiveWire. However, this bike was terribly lacking in autonomy, with a range of only 30 miles in power mode and 52 miles in economy mode. Obviously, the machine did not really seduce the fans of the brand!

Thus, the new electric motorcycle of the American manufacturer will probably be inspired by LiveWire, but should obviously offer more interesting performance to achieve commercial success. Harley-Davidson will invest in any case between 25 and 50 million dollars to release a bike worthy of the name. Many hopes seem to be put in this new machine, like that of widening the fans of the brand and this style of motorcycle.

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